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B&B Industry(11)
Medical Institution(10)
Beauty Industry(4)
Water Recreation Activities(3)
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  Research and Markets: Asia-Pacific Medical Tourism Outlook - Interviews from Market Participants and For greet more Japanese visitors to come to Hualien to travel healthily or long live, the Hualien co The Hualien County health bureau holds two beauty medical science management and certification quali international sightseeing exposition crowd of people flow out into the Hualien building health bureau issues on February 21 greatly at the beginning of the year on Taiwanese program broadc The 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Medical Tourism & Health Health Industry Forum, Hualien grand debut 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair tourism - medical tourism exhibition Chinese cross-strait cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Mongolia Economic Association invited the Shanghai Vice-mayor Wong-Tei-Hui led the government team to visit Hualien Tzuchi hospital and unders Kiang Wu Hospital Director Wu Led a Team to Visit Hualien Bureau of Health and Medical Tourism Indus National Development Council Will Hold an Orientation for “Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZs)” on Wed Hualien County Health Bureau Will lead Hualien Medical Tourism Industry staff and Healthcare Industr Shandong Province Vice-Governor Wang, Sui-Lien Visited Haulien Medical Tourism Industry Dr. Chiang, Rui-Ting Took Over the Position of Hualien Chinese Medical Association Director and Kept Hualien Medical Tourism Activates New Energy within Your Body (Video) China Enterprises Were Highly 2013 Taipei Tourism Expo Forum Promoted the Cooperation of Asia Pacific Areas Countries Medical Tourism Is So Popular That A Chinese Tourist Came to Hualien 11 Times in 9 Months. Medical Tourism Provides Chinese Medicine Service Medical Tourism Is So Popular That A Chinese Tourist Came to Hualien 11 Times in 9 Months. Medical Tourism Experience of Chinese medicine services run Hualien Medical Tourism - start a new life energy (Video) Broadwood project itinerary - blue star to honor health screening project two days one night
  Recognizing Hualien
See Hualien +Detail

Hualien, Taiwan, the greatest happiness of the most beautiful cities in the area, 

Marble's hometown; Hsiukuluan streams to the Pacific cetaceans jumped hometown, 
Seven Wonders of the Taroko Gorge is a godsend, 
Aborigines with singing, with art, decorate it Huilan land of dreams land.

Unlimited potential for tourism +Detail

"Unlimited potential of tourism", that is to introduce our most popular tourist spots in the county, which is our most proud of Hualien. Because Taiwan Hualien like we could not find such a magnificent but do not have the natural beauty of the pollution!

Convenient transportation +Detail

Railway - East narrow gauge railway will be more original to the same gauge (1.0 six or seven meters) and after West Rail tracks, plus the South railway traffic, railway and finally links the island into one. This makes Hualien has a traffic artery, the north Ilan, Keelung, Taipei, south of Taitung, Kaohsiung sub, ring the island unimpeded.

Sun's hometown +Detail

Sun's hometown - our beautiful home ─ Hualien County, located in the eastern part of Taiwan, which is shaped like a lying silkworm, just climb in fertilizer Taiwan island shaped like a sweet potato. She faces the vast expanse of the east Pacific ...


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