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  Research and Markets: Asia-Pacific Medical Tourism Outlook - Interviews from Market Participants and For greet more Japanese visitors to come to Hualien to travel healthily or long live, the Hualien co The Hualien County health bureau holds two beauty medical science management and certification quali international sightseeing exposition crowd of people flow out into the Hualien building health bureau issues on February 21 greatly at the beginning of the year on Taiwanese program broadc The 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Medical Tourism & Health Health Industry Forum, Hualien grand debut 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair tourism - medical tourism exhibition Chinese cross-strait cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Mongolia Economic Association invited the Shanghai Vice-mayor Wong-Tei-Hui led the government team to visit Hualien Tzuchi hospital and unders Kiang Wu Hospital Director Wu Led a Team to Visit Hualien Bureau of Health and Medical Tourism Indus National Development Council Will Hold an Orientation for “Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZs)” on Wed Hualien County Health Bureau Will lead Hualien Medical Tourism Industry staff and Healthcare Industr Shandong Province Vice-Governor Wang, Sui-Lien Visited Haulien Medical Tourism Industry Dr. Chiang, Rui-Ting Took Over the Position of Hualien Chinese Medical Association Director and Kept Hualien Medical Tourism Activates New Energy within Your Body (Video) China Enterprises Were Highly 2013 Taipei Tourism Expo Forum Promoted the Cooperation of Asia Pacific Areas Countries Medical Tourism Is So Popular That A Chinese Tourist Came to Hualien 11 Times in 9 Months. Medical Tourism Provides Chinese Medicine Service Medical Tourism Is So Popular That A Chinese Tourist Came to Hualien 11 Times in 9 Months. Medical Tourism Experience of Chinese medicine services run Hualien Medical Tourism - start a new life energy (Video) Broadwood project itinerary - blue star to honor health screening project two days one night

From the edge of the Hualien County Health Coalition 's health and future development of the industry

Hualien rate first in the country to launch health check health Broadwood travel , health check Monarch high-end tourism , cosmetic medicine , and TCM four spindles, Hualien County, complete with high -quality health care system, and promote the past three years , the industry has developed to independent marketing track, and to develop their own characteristics suite of products , has successfully started an international name for itself in Hualien County medical tourism , attention and affirmation domestic cities and counties , mainland Europe and America who , moreover , Hualien County Government as a major health healthy industry development goals, and actively develop global health health market , we do have a healthy regimen combining the demands of industry conditions . Hualien County Government to further promote the " world-class health regimen Park" , the advantage of Hualien health regimen combining leisure and tourism industries in the park , the construction of the most competitive industrial clusters industrial system health regimen .

Global consumer health market is currently set off a wave , the majority of the elderly Dore consumer groups , attaches great importance to the health regimen . And with an aging population structure , people consume increasing demand for health regimen , so health health industry is indeed worthy of our active development of fertile fertile soil . For Arizona 's Canyon Ranch , for example, this health regimen featuring the world's top resort , although located in a dry scorching across the desert in Arizona , once regarded as the birds do not lay eggs in the wild turtle does not dock barren , but now by health regimen demands rapid development to become a world-renowned , high consumer groups competing to attract international health resort to .

Hualien County Health Bureau to ( 102 ) in August , especially invite officials and experts who carried out the initial hair like seminars, participants have agreed that the Hualien Whether sightseeing , travel lodging, dining, staple , medical spas and related leisure and tourism industries, very suitable for the introduction of crafting health regimen suite of services , whether it is short-term business travel accommodation travel , or to attract people of the Northeast Asian countries in temperate regions come to enjoy a healthy regimen long stay in Hualien , Hualien industry will be worth all the positive development of the market . Hualien County Health Bureau is very pleased to assist the county government and academia , the creation of cooperation platform , comprehensive set of resources and power sectors in Hualien , Hualien started assisting health health quality image , highlighting the health Hualien good brand , currently has about 72 family business and the public ( Association ) will be added to the health industry in Hualien County Health Alliance platform , ready for any one or more of the following concepts as elements of corporate financial products and services . Hualien County Government will assist the marketing and invited experts and scholars in related fields to help the industry build a learning platform.

First, the emphasis on the supply of food ingredients with healthful foods cuisine concept ;
Second, and Hualien medical tourism include health checks, TCM , medical cosmetology , rehabilitation nursing, oral health , such as weight control , or a combination of any one ;
Third, the provision of teaching and experiencing health regimen ;
Fourth, to provide health activities , including yoga, meditation, tai chi, Yi Jin Jing , mountain climbing , hiking, biking, hikers , river trekking , forest bath , music therapy , horticulture therapy, spa , farm fun experience , spirituality and so on.

Magistrate Fu Kun dichotoma under the leadership of the Hualien County Government " free economic demonstration zone Force " has been on the ( 102 ) was established in December 9 , to actively cooperate to promote " free economic demonstration zone " policy , combined with the national policy , a substantial relaxation of abortion , logistics , capital flow restrictions and other regulations to allow more high -tech industrial pollution stationed in Hualien , to create a competitive advantage in the health industry . Hualien County planning team is planning " a world-class health regimen park," according to the specific needs of investors may demand changes in the park area , with the introduction of a government decree proposed land use plan industry category and associated development plan. The park is eight theme park planning , facilities include: reception centers , health food and herbs health district , health, health themed shopping plaza , vanilla and herbs demonstration park , Broadwood health inspection area , TCM district , district cosmetic medicine , and health regimen The concept of strength vacation Villa area. Hualien County Government will build resources to high -quality administrative efficiency , to help develop and expand investment vendors stationed in global marketing , creating a win-win and recruit talent at home and abroad , a comprehensive marketing Hualien to attract more tourists to come to attract overseas holiday, health, entertainment, health care , home health and beauty industry, driven Hualien tourism and development boom in the health industry will be able to create employment opportunities and enhance the economic strength of Hualien and international competitiveness.

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