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  Research and Markets: Asia-Pacific Medical Tourism Outlook - Interviews from Market Participants and For greet more Japanese visitors to come to Hualien to travel healthily or long live, the Hualien co The Hualien County health bureau holds two beauty medical science management and certification quali international sightseeing exposition crowd of people flow out into the Hualien building health bureau issues on February 21 greatly at the beginning of the year on Taiwanese program broadc The 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Medical Tourism & Health Health Industry Forum, Hualien grand debut 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair tourism - medical tourism exhibition Chinese cross-strait cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Mongolia Economic Association invited the Shanghai Vice-mayor Wong-Tei-Hui led the government team to visit Hualien Tzuchi hospital and unders Kiang Wu Hospital Director Wu Led a Team to Visit Hualien Bureau of Health and Medical Tourism Indus National Development Council Will Hold an Orientation for “Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZs)” on Wed Hualien County Health Bureau Will lead Hualien Medical Tourism Industry staff and Healthcare Industr Shandong Province Vice-Governor Wang, Sui-Lien Visited Haulien Medical Tourism Industry Dr. Chiang, Rui-Ting Took Over the Position of Hualien Chinese Medical Association Director and Kept Hualien Medical Tourism Activates New Energy within Your Body (Video) China Enterprises Were Highly 2013 Taipei Tourism Expo Forum Promoted the Cooperation of Asia Pacific Areas Countries Medical Tourism Is So Popular That A Chinese Tourist Came to Hualien 11 Times in 9 Months. Medical Tourism Provides Chinese Medicine Service Medical Tourism Is So Popular That A Chinese Tourist Came to Hualien 11 Times in 9 Months. Medical Tourism Experience of Chinese medicine services run Hualien Medical Tourism - start a new life energy (Video) Broadwood project itinerary - blue star to honor health screening project two days one night

2014 Taipei International Travel Fair tourism - medical tourism exhibition

Figure / text Huangding Zhi

"2014 Taipei International Tourism Expo" scheduled for May 23 to 26 at the Taipei World Trade Center grand display , Hualien County , Hualien County Health Bureau invited the medical tourism and health wellness industry exhibitors, and jointly set up a joint Hualien , Hualien County Museum of marketing " Hualien medical tourism ," Attacking active participation of domestic and foreign medical tourism opportunities , live person , Hualien County Health Bureau provides professional consulting services to a number of exciting activities will be arranged performances and prizes to interact with the public .

    Hualien County Health Bureau, Xu Xiangming said that as medical tourism started in Hualien quality brand awareness and image , Hualien County Health Bureau set up special " medical tourism image of the Hualien area " in the exhibition , providing customized medical tourism travel abroad for public exhibition presentation , live quiz show host chuanchang , with large dolls and propaganda issuing massive publicity, will be exhibiting at this Hualien tourism medical services team, including Tzu , Mennonite , Hualien , Hualien Hospital and famous tourist hotels and B & Bs tour operators , etc. , strong promotion of " healthy Broadwood tour , Monarch health examination vacation travel, beautiful transfiguration happy tour , TCM Getaway " four spindle whole new mode to allow people to travel to Hualien Hualien enjoy the beautiful scenery, experience Special Events health regimen , health medical care , health food and enjoy medicated , but also at reasonable prices , better quality enjoy easier access to services.


The Taipei International Tourism Expo scale new heights , the exhibition is expected to attract crowds over 220,000 passengers, a total of 600 companies, 1,200 booths , including countries in the Tourism Bureau , airlines, county and city governments , brand travel , five-star hotels, ferry false Bs , gourmet souvenir , tourist factories ... etc., so the county will be participating team mustering their efforts Hualien features and advantages of medical tourism marketing strength to fight for opportunities.

Secretary Xu Xiangming again welcome the public to visit Hualien , feel good quality mountain , good water, good air, Hualien, Taiwan has a renowned medical health health resources , the county government and the medical community to integrate the tourist industry , launched in conjunction with travel health checks , Medical Cosmetology , TCM offers so that visitors do not go out , at the hotel can enjoy a professional team to provide customized health check service, high-end health check needs of visitors , but also to go to the hospital to use more detailed health check services. In addition , in order to let the beauty of the female customers can be transformed to Hualien , Hualien beauty spots in the tour apart , professional practitioners with physical testing , providing dedicated personal health advice and creative combinations of herbs , so that visitors can be healthy , and beautiful diastolic pressure !


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